Bentley Cars

Brief Info on Your Favorite New Bentley cars for sale

Bentley Cars

Yes! Here’s a brief on New Bentley cars for sale. The word Bentley itself is enough to picture finesse, luxury, and class. Not everybody can own a Bentley, mind it. Actually, one must consider himself/herself really lucky if you spot one in lifetime. Rarity of Bentley gives it the edge over others and also the distinction. Auto & Generals brings you some more and important info on luxury cars.

Who Makes Bentley Cars?

Well, the very first question is pretty obvious one – who makes Bentley cars? Bentley Motors Limited is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and was founded in January 1919. The company has its headquarters in Crewe, England, United Kingdom and serves its cars worldwide. Bentley Motors was initially acquired by Rolls-Royce Limited in 1931, then by Vickers PLC in 1980, and finally by Volkswagen Group in 1980.

You would be surprised to know but Bentley luxury cars are largely hand-built.

Most Famous and Iconic Bentley Cars

You must be wondering as to what all models from Bentley are most famous and iconic. Here they are! Models like Bentley Speed Six, Bentley Turbo R, Bentley R Type Continental, Bentley Arnage, and Bentley 4½ Litre are the ones that have gained extreme popularity around the world. China has been the biggest market for Bentley cars in the world.

As of 2015, Bentley Motors Ltd. produce the Continental Flying Spur, Continental GT, and Mulsanne, with the Continental GT accounting for most of the total sales.

Bentley Cars Info Available on Auto & Generals

Auto & Generals feeds you with all the info you might need regarding the modern Bentley cars, including the ones that are yet to be introduced or in concept. Auto & Generals provides info on Bentley cars, including the models, their reviews, specifications, and even prices.

In addition to the above, Auto & Generals would help you find the best deal on Bentley car insurance, suiting your needs, and the best possible deals on all the accessories from around the world.

Furthermore, get to know the full specifications and unbiased reviews on all the models of Bentleycars, including the hot-selling new Continental GT. Surf through the portal for more information and just stay tuned for more!

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