Lexus Cars

Lexus Cars – Relationship with Luxury

We have always been fascinated about different cars, best car brands, models, their performance, looks, and much more. Cars have been passion of many people ever since humans started making automobiles. Auto & Generals is one such portal that helps people know more about all best car brands and models along with their specifications, prices, reviews, and much more. Here, we put some more light on Lexus cars. When it comes to naming luxurious cars, Lexus can’t be left out. Let’s know more about Lexus cars.

Lexus cars

Lexus Cars – History and More

Lexus is into development of luxury vehicles and is one of the divisions of Japanese automaker Toyota. In fact, it is one Japan’s largest-selling make of premium cars and ranks among ten largest Japanese global brands in terms of market value. Headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, the brand is marketed in over 70 countries worldwide.

The etymology of the name has been attributed to the combination of the words “luxury” and “elegance”. There is another theory that claims it to be an acronym of “luxury exports to the U.S.”

The first ever Lexus car was LS 400 with a 4.0 L V8 gasoline engine and rear-wheel drive that debuted in January of 1989. It attracted accolades for its quietness, ergonomic interior, fuel economy and many other factors.

Current Lexus Car Models

It might come as a surprise to you if we tell you that in 2014, the company sold a record 582,000 vehicles, making it the fourth-best luxury selling brand in the world, trailing only BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.

Lexus has a great lineup of cars to its name, featuring sedans of different sizes and classes, convertibles, SUVs, hybrid models, and many more.

Some of the more recent and current models from the company are 2014 CT 200h (a compact FWD), 2015 IS 200t (compact RWD/AWD), and 2013 HS 250h (compact FWD).

As said before, there is a long lineup of cars from this manufacturer, long enough that naming each and every model would attract confusion. If you wish to know more about each and every model individually, go to Lexus cars section and select the model.

Lexus Cars and Auto & Generals

There is more to Auto & Generals than just cars. We help you find the best and the latest info on all luxury car brands, including the different lineup of models from different automakers, specifications and reviews of each, and best possible deal on pre-owned vehicles. In addition to all this, Auto & Generals helps you find the best deal on your luxury car insurance.

As far as info on all Lexus cars is concerned, we will keep on updating this space with the latest and most updated stuff from the automotive industry. All you need to do is just stay tuned to this space to explore more.

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