Mitsubishi Motors Cars

Mitsubishi Motors Cars – Driving & More

Auto & Generals brings you detailed info on all the Mitsubishi Motors cars along with their specifications, reviews, prices, and everything else you can think of. In addition to these, we help you get great deals on insurance and pre-owned cars in your area. Here’s a brief on Mitsubishi as a company and everything that an automobile enthusiast must know, including the origin and journey towards modern era where it stands today. So, let’s buckle up our seat-belts and start the engine!

Mitsubishi Motors Cars

Mitsubishi Motors Cars – History and Way Ahead

Mitsubishi vehicles are manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation which is headquartered at Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The company is a multinational automotive manufacturer that was ranked sixteenth biggest producer of vehicles in 2011, being the sixth biggest in Japan.

Although it was found in April of 1970, the automotive origins date back to 1917 with introduction of an entirely hand-built 7-seater sedan that was discontinued only after 22 had been built, for it proved to be extremely expensive compared to its American and European mass-produced rivals.

The company has had close alliances with variety of other names over the course of its progression.

Renowned Mitsubishi Car Models

When it comes to number of models produced by Mitsubishi, there may be many; but when it comes to counting the renowned ones, we might not be able to populate many.

All in all, Mitsubishi Pajero remains to be one of the most renowned and successful vehicles produced by the company. It also happens to be one of the most famous and successful SUVs manufactured by Mitsubishi.

Some of the other famous and major products of the company include Montero, Lancer, and Outlander.

Actually, the company has produced a lot of models with its alliances over the period of time in different countries, and many of these models bear names from other companies’ models.

Mitsubishi Motors Cars and Auto & Generals

In case you are looking for detailed into of all the models of Mitsubishi cars, you’ll need to go to their respective links. We have made sure to include all the specifications, reviews, prices, and all the other info in these pages. In addition to all this, Auto & Generals can help you get best deals on insurance for your luxury vehicles. Stay tuned to this portal, for we’ll keep on updating things every now and then.

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