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History of Buick Cars

Founded in 1899, the company was previously known as Buick Motor Division. It is considered to be an entry-level premium brand and is one of the divisions of General Motors. With headquarters in Detroit, United States, the company currently caters to limited countries, including United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Taiwan. Also, it is currently the oldest active American carmaker.

List of Buick Cars

Buick, however, boasts quite a number of cars in its lineup ever since its inception, the recent years have seen a slight dip in the number of models. The Buick cars that can presently been seen are Park Avenue, which was introduced back in 2001. The later part the decade, however, saw a boon in introduction of models from the company. LaCrosse was introduced in 2009. Soon after this, a crossover SUV came out from the company’s stable in the name of Enclave in year 2010 along with LaCrosse 2010 model.
After the above lineup, Regal and Encore were unleashed in years 2012 and 2013, respectively.
Keep yourself tuned as you can expect to see one more eye-candy from the company’s stable in 2016 in the name of Cascada.

Concept Cars from the House of Buick

The company has been quite active in the concept car market, we can say. Some of the concept car models introduced by the company are Y-Job, which was introduced back in 1938. Another concept car was introduced in the name of LeSabre in 1951, after which the company seemed to have taken a quite a bit of gap (or rest we must say) in introducing concept cars, for none was introduced until 2004.
Year 2004 saw the introduction of concept car Velite following which Riviera was introduced in 2007. Interestingly, another concept in the name of Riviera was showcased in year 2013, which became our personal favorite, at least in terms of looks from the company’s lineup. Last but not the least, in 2015 was revealed Avenir concept car.

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